Volume # 1

* Volume #1- Unlocking the Prison Doors: 12 Points to Inner Healing and Restoration

Only $14.95

Unlocking the Prison Doors is the first book in the Voices of Consequences Enrichment
Series. It is a nondenominational, faith-based instruction manual created to help
incarcerated women gain inner healing and restoration. In a comforting voice that readers can recognize
and understand, this book provides the tools women need to get past the stage of denial and honestly
asses their past behavioral patterns, their criminal conduct and its impact on their lives and others. It
provides a platform for women to begin a journey of self-discovery, allowing them to asses the root of
their problems and dilemmas and learn how to overcome them.

This book reveals real-life examples and concrete strategies that inspire women to release anger,
fear, shame and guilt and embrace a new world of opportunities.

After reading Unlocking the Prison Doors, readers will be empowered to release the inner
shackles and chains that have been holding them bound and begin to soar in life!

Unlocking The Prison Doors – Workbook/Journal

Only $14.95

This accompanying workbook and journal provides a dedicated work space for completing chapter-by-chapter exercises in the book, as well as a place to record the reader’s thoughts, feelings, challenges and action plans as they delve deeper into their lifelong journey towards restoration, changed behavioral cycles and a renewed thought life.

Unlocking The Prison Doors – Curriculum Guides

Only $19.95

The Voices of Consequences Enrichment Series (VOC Curriculum Guides) were developed to assist proctors in administering VOC Group Enrichment Courses, taught in group session. These guides provide fundamental assistance on how each session should be administered. Step-by step they provide detailed lesson plans that include group discussion questions, group activities, handouts, writing assignments and instruction suggestions. These guides simplify the VOC Curriculum, so proctors need no special teaching skills, except the compassion and dedication of facilitating each session.

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