Group Enrichment Courses

The Voices of Consequences Group Enrichment Courses (VOC Group Enrichment Courses) are based on the Voices of Consequences Enrichment Series curriculum, designed to empower incarcerated women to heal, recognize their potential and recapture their dreams. In small group settings, these courses use VOC textbooks and VOC workbook/journals to provide the platform and support incarcerated women need to analyze properly their past poor judgments, identify the root of their problems and to heal.

VOC Group Enrichment Courses can easily be set up in institutions or in private settings. Participants meet for 12 weeks for each course, in 1 hour sessions, to share their healing experiences. Courses are administered by proctors, who need no specialized training except to posses care and compassion for offenders. Proctors utilize user friendly VOC curriculum guides, filled with step-by-step lesson plans, handouts, writing assignments and group discussion questions.

As women laugh, cry and share their experiences, they heal. Comfort comes knowing they are not alone during this journey and that there are solutions available to fix their problems. Listening to the experiences of other offenders also helps participants clearly recognize the similar characteristics and common pitfalls of incarcerated women. These discoveries, along with other proven strategies, help participants to recognize the truth: all criminal behavior results in negative consequences. This heartfelt course produces powerful results! It inspires participants to accept responsibility for their lives and empowers them to change their futures.


Course #1- Unlocking the Prison Doors

Course #2- Permission to Dream

Course #3- Pursuit to A Greater “Self”

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