The Voices of Consequences Enrichment Series(VOC Series) is a nondenominational, faith-based book series created to help incarcerated women successfully rehabilitate and heal from past inner wounds. It is the goal of this series to empower women, enabling them to successfully transition back into society, by equipping them with the tools they need to overcome obstacles- including the stigma of being an ex-convict.

This three book series is filled with inspiring testimonies, real-life examples, proven self-help techniques and other useful strategies that readers can utilize easily to identify their areas of weaknesses, and to dethrone negative behavioral patterns that led to incarceration. These textbooks may be used in individual or group settings.

Unique in nature, the VOC Series is written by an inmate, Jamila T. Davis, for other inmates. Her real-life experiences during imprisonment have given her insight into the lifestyles and criminal thinking patterns of convicted female felons. As a result, in the VOC Series inmates aren’t spoken down to; they are addressed face-to-face with the truths of their current situation, in a voice they can understand.

In these texts, Davis guides her readers to accept responsibility for their past adverse behavior, to shed guilt and shame, to forgive themselves and others who have harmed them, to assess their strengths and talents, to dethrone bad character traits, to learn to care for “self,” and to develop good character. These valuable lessons are all captured in this dynamic book series:

Volume #1Unlocking the Prison Doors: 12 Points to Inner Healing and Restoration


Volume #2Permission to Dream: 12 Points to Discovering Your Life’s Purpose and Recapturing Your Dreams


Volume #3Pursuit to A Greater “Self:” 12 Points to Developing Good Character and Healthy Relationships

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