“I just finished reading Unlocking the Prison Doors book and its companion journal/workbook. Both of the materials are worthy instruments to assist incarcerated woman to carefully review their current situation from a variety of meaningful measures. All the chapters were insightful but I found Chapters 6 & 7 the most important for my self-evaluation. I particularly liked reading the stories of real cases which related to the various topics. They helped to put a face on the problems that were dissected.”

Marilyn White
Alderson Federal Prison Camp
Alderson, West Virginia


“I picked up Unlocking the Prison Doors and I couldn’t put it down. This book really spoke to me and is helping me get through this time in my life. I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in the series!”

Ashley Lamphere
Danbury Federal Prison Camp
Danbury, Connecticut


Unlocking the Prison Doors was a great book with a life line into me and my thoughts. It helped me tremendously and I’ll refer it to others for that same relief! It means a lot when one is able to confer with someone who knows what one is going through in the prison system.”

Christine Bursey
Danbury Federal Prison Camp
Danbury, Connecticut


Unlocking the Prison Doors is a wonderful tool that will help women who are incarcerated. This book was very helpful to me. I believe that women who are not incarcerated should also read this book. This book should definitely be provided to all incarcerated women!”

Gwendolyn Hemphill
Danbury Federal Prison Camp
Danbury, Connecticut


Unlocking the Prison Doors demonstrates to all incarcerated women that like Jamila T. Davis they can also make a difference. Even though we’re down something good can come from our situation.”

Patricia Laney
Marianna Federal Prison Camp
Marianna, Florida


“I had the opportunity to read Voices of Consequences- Unlocking the Prison Doors just a few weeks before my release from Danbury Federal Prison Camp. I am now more equipped to enter the world without guilt or shame. I now have more self-esteem and can accept responsibility for any situation that confronts me.”

Leslie Tavolacci
Danbury Federal Prison Camp
Danbury, Connecticut


“I am blessed to have received Unlocking the Prison Doors I am so proud of what Jamila has accomplished. The Lord is really working through her. This book is a great resource and I will see that the word spreads about it! Had I had a resource like this in the beginning of my prison sentence (17 years ago), things would certainly have been easier.”

Theresa Crepeau
Dublin Federal Prison Camp
Dublin, California


“I received a copy of Unlocking the Prison Doors I think this book was very well written and has a LOT of insight. I was very impressed and have even passed it on to other ladies to read. I am a fan!!!!!!!”

Alicia Maxwell
Danbury Federal Prison Camp
Danbury, Connecticut


“I hope imprisoned women everywhere get the opportunity that I had to read and use Unlocking the Prison Doors Both the book and workbook helped me to harmonize my inner thoughts as I discovered deep rooted emotion, vulnerability and insecurity. I was able to identify my ‘hidden treasures’ and experience self love and forgiveness, I can’t wait for the next book and workbook to come out!”

Ivy Woolf-Turk
Danbury Federal Prison Camp
Danbury, Connecticut


“I received Unlocking the Prison Doors and I loved it!! Thanks you so much for everything you do for us women. I am about to be released and your words have helped me through this journey.”

Viney Jean Stables
FPC Alderson
Alderson, West Virginia


“I was sentenced to 516 months, total 43 years as a first time offender. I always blamed my family, but after reading Unlocking the Prison Doors, I’ve taken full responsibility for my own actions! And, I’ve learned much more. “

Bernetta Willis
Tallahassee FCI
Tallahassee, Florida

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